Hormisdallen School was founded on 12th Feb. 1986, with a total of 9 pupils and 3 teachers by Mr. Mukalazi Kizito who aimed at making a contribution to the community and the general public at large by providing quality education that is committed to meeting the evolutionary challenges of the day.

The school is privately owned, located in the central division of Kampala District, off Mawanda road in Kamwokya Parish. It is mixed day and boarding Nursery and Primary school, though began as Nursery. It is licensed and registered by the ministry of education and sports of the government of Uganda. The school has expanded to include other branches namel Hormisdallen School – Kyebando off Erisa road, Hormisdallen School – Gayaza off Bugema road and Darline School – Kiteezi.

Hormisdallen Schools provide quality education for the children of Uganda and the East African region; from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.


Education Has No Money Value


Education that is committed to meeting the revolutionary challenges of the day.