The Curriculum at Hormisdallen


Our schools operate two sections; the pre-primary section and the primary section. Each of these sections is carefully handled for its learners to achieve big.

The pre-primary sections have teams of well-trained persons that monitor the individual progress of each child through diagnosing the learning difficulties before providing all the necessary assistance.

The pupils are taught; Math concepts, General Knowledge, Drawing, Singing, Motor Control, Reading, Handwriting among others, which prepare them for the next level of education.

The primary sections in all our branches operate basing on the Uganda Primary School Curriculum which is presented in three cycles i.e. Lower Primary, Transition and Upper primary Curriculums. This is done to enable learners to develop competences and life skills for lifelong learning.

We not only concentrate on the teaching of the core subjects as per the curriculum but also ensure that our children are engaged in other learning aspects like debates, scouting and guiding, reading competitions, swimming, music dance and drama, games and sports among others. All this prepares our children for a fruitful future after primary.

Our children are also given etiquette lessons that enable them to learn how to live morally upright with other people in the society. We have respect for each child’s religion as we allow and fully facilitate the participation of children in their different religious norms timely. Children are trained to grow with respect for the creator.