About Hormisdallen Schools

Our History

Hormisdallen School was founded on 12th Feb, 1986, with a total of 9 pupils and 3 teachers by Mr. Mukalazi Kizito who aimed at making a contribution to the community and the general public at large by providing quality education that is committed to meeting the evolutionary challenges of the day.

The school is privately owned located in the central division of Kampala District, off Mawanda road Kamwokya Parish. The school is mixed day and boarding Nursery and Primary school, though began as Nursery. It is licensed and registered by the ministry of education and sports of the government of Uganda. The school has expanded to include other branches that are Hormisdallen School – Kyebando off Erisa road and Hormisdallen School – Gayaza off Bugema road.

Hormisdallen Schools provide quality education for the children of Uganda and the East African region, like pupils from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan

The School follows the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) Curriculum. Main subjects taught include; English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

With Nursery section pupils are taught; Math Concepts, General Knowledge, Handwriting, Drawing , Singing, confidence, Independency, Motor control, co-operation, English Writing & English Reading which continue up to Primary two

We also have clubs like; Scouts & Guides, Debating, Writers, Swimming, Music dance & drama and a football academy.

School Motto


School Mission

“To provide education that is committed to meeting the evolutionary challenges of the day”

Our School Anthem

Hormisdallen x 2
Nursery and Primary School
It gives us the knowledge that we shall use
Let us get on with the development
Education has no money value

Hormisdallen x 2
Nursery and Primary School
The future we hope for is now in you
Once we get the knowledge lets pass it on
Education has no money value

Hormisdallen x 2
Nursery and Primary School
The founders we praise you for this noble task
Let the parents and teachers be committed
Education has no money value

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Our Management Committee

The quality of our staff is the main reason that Hormisdallen Schools has improved so rapidly over the past few years. Our staff are recruited through highly rigorous processes that ensure they are of a standard we expect at Hormisdallen.

You will find our staff to be warm, friendly and committed when you visit our school.  Don’t be surprised to see us being very strict, or laughing out loud!  Both these elements fit firmly within our values of aiming high, accepting no excuses, but also caring and having fun.


  • The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school has its own fleet of outsourced school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of small children. The Transport Service (optional) is operated by the school and a separate transport fee is charged for this. For supervision and monitoring a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey.
  • Mobile phones have been provided in each bus that ensures efficiency in terms of service and better communication in case of emergencies. Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff on the bus is well trained in first aid and emergency management.
  • Divisions and batches are allotted as per the transport requisitions put forth by the students as transport service is not available for a few batches. Kindly enquire with our transport department before finalizing with the admission process.

Our Goals and Values

We aim to give our children the very best life opportunity through ensuring

  • They have the core skills and knowledge necessary to access secondary education successfully
  • That children develop an understanding of what learning means and how they can learn things for themselves, so that they will be equipped for lifelong learning
  • Their families are engaged in the learning process and are involved in community learning opportunities
  • That the children experience a broad curriculum
  • That learning is high quality, and lessons are fun, with teachers making the best use of recent research to help them plan and deliver the best learning opportunities.

Hormisdallen Schools Values

We expect children, staff, parents and the learning community to share our values which are:

  1. Aiming high: There is no ceiling on what can be achieved
  2. Doing our best: There are no excuses for not doing your best