School Rules at Hormisdallen


  1. Incase of damage of any school property by the child, the parent shall be required to replace it.
  2. No child is allowed to practice violence.
    The parents of the child who has caused injuries will meet the medical bill and any other expenses incurred.
  3. Possession of items like phones, radios, candles, match boxes, cigarette lighters, knives, ammunitions are not allowed in school and if found, the child shall be expelled from school.
  4. No child is allowed to go out of school without permission. If found the child is suspended from school.
  5. All children should be dressed in right school uniforms during class hours, visitations, going home for holidays and returning to school.
  6. Use of obscene language and abusive language is not allowed in school.
  7. A child shall only use English language as a medium of communication in the school.
  8. All medication/drugs must be kept in the sick–bay by the school nurses.
  9. All meals and classes are compulsory.
  10. There must be respect for all elders in school and fellow pupils.


  1. All school fees must be paid in the bank.
  2. No cash is allowed to be kept by the child in the school.
  3. Reporting to school must be done between 8:00am – 5:00pm
  4. All school uniforms are bought from the school.
  5. Parents are not allowed in the dormitories on any other day apart from the beginning of term and end of term
  6. Every parent/guardian must present a visitor’s card for the child before being given a chance to talk to him/her or to collect him/her from school.
  7. All children must have medical checkup every beginning of term before returning to school.
  8. All parents are encouraged to dress decently while coming to school.